In addition to square posts, Instagram users can now share photos and videos in both landscape and portrait orientation. Square format posts have been everlastingly popular on Instagram, but, lately, users have been using image tools like ‘Squareready‘ to fit either a landscape or portrait photograph onto a square format, leaving white or any other colored space on either side of the image (right and left or top and bottom). As popular as this trend took users to post pictures creatively on Instagram, we didn’t quite like the end result.

To get your photograph or video in the landscape or portrait orientation instead of square format, tap the format icon on the left side of the post when you’re choosing a photo or video. While viewing the photo or video in the feed, you’ll see a full sized image or video. To keep the clean feel of your profile grid, your post will appear there as a center-cropped square.

This update is great for both photographers and videographers because now they get to share better and more creatively.

Here are some screenshots of how the Instagram feed would look like with this new orientation update. [Pic credits:]

Instagram gets a Landscape and Portrait Orientation Update 2
Instagram gets a Landscape and Portrait Orientation Update 3