This day and age, the idea of establishing and growing a business has inspired people through marketing tools such as articles, infographics, podcasts and videos. Enlivening the spirit of entrepreneurship has and will be ignited in many still but the act of encouraging professionalism and relationships between those who you work with, can only be fired up  by advertisements. Since the heroics of the internet, people have adopted new and creative ways to encourage almost everyone to stand up and make a point in their lives to change, grow and learn. And we, human to human, lead such expeditions and gain so much without even realizing the importance of it.

This is how HSBC’s campaign, Lift, has become one of the most striking advertisements this year.

There was portrayal of anticipation in the introduction bit of the video, when the founder of Cadours Industries, walked in his new corporate building to attend to the lift to reach upon his office, on the sixth floor.  That take was the perfect giveaway of how new business startups emerge from the bottom-most floor to the paramount canvas of the building; from close quarters and cabins and a few employers to a much more defined organization; and how each level is as significant as the next and as symbiotic as the last. Then comes the most interesting and creative part of the video, the LIFT, which was aptly conveyed through the actors’ postures, attitude, fashion, make-up and their expressions. It felt as if that man’s entire business life, from being a fresh businessman to the cusp of his successfulness towards the end, was drafted in that lift with those people with whom his relationship was attached to. And along with that commotion, there was the destination deliverance from the sixth floor of the building to the forty sixth floor, when last seen, was absolutely marketed with deft and accuracy.

There is no dialogue or narration scripted in this movie and so the direction of it is aimed at almost every precise emotion that was present in that box. This style of narration is almost left incomplete in the sense of its sheer marketing, but, from the minim note of storytelling: it’s a hit!

HSBC – Lift from Grey London on Vimeo.